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Fun Project Ideas

Learn how to create placemats for your table or picnic excursion
This summer decorate your dining table, picnic table, or even picnic blanket with placemats. You can make them as elegant or unique as you want. Maybe you want to include a story, maybe pictures of food, maybe a family timeline. However you want to design, Heritage Makers has all the art and tools you need to create it.
For this project, here’s what you need:
  • 18×24 poster (two placemats will fit on this size)
  • scissors
  • laminate
Get started:
  1. Design your 18×24 poster in portrait.
    1. You’ll want to make sure that when you apply your papers that you make sure there is a distinction between the two placemats. The middle will be at 12 inches.
    2. Place the art, photos, and text you want on your placemat.
    3. Publish
  2. When you receive your placemats, cut 24 inch side at 12 inches (in half)
  3. Laminate both placemats. The Laminate will create wipable and protected surface. Go to a copy or print store and they will laminate the mats for you.